What first started as a mere desire to want to wear something that I felt represented me, something with the letter J on it, turned into a small passion project, and then Jrip.LA was born. Jrip is a play on the word “drip” such as your swagger or style.

While I was trying to build the brand into something bigger, I constantly struggled with the pressures and demands of my full time career. But I never let go of the vision I had of building something meaningful and that could allow me to live a life that I was excited about.

What encourages me to keep grinding when things are hard and overwhelming, is getting the support from people who show love to the brand. Whether you’ve ever purchased something or gave the page a visit, it’s all love and it’s all appreciated. 

My hope is that others who might feel shackled in their career or situation, would join me by pursuing what they are passionate about. Despite where ever you’re at now, whatever circumstances, despite whoever or whatever is trying to hold you back… 

Just Remember It’s Possible💧 
 - Johnnie Rich